Hydrostar® Motors

The Hydrostar® Motor is a Radial Piston Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) Hydraulic Motor used in many Mobile, Industrial, and Marine Applications.

Mini-Motion Package (MMP)

The KYB Mini-Motion Package (MMP) is an Electric over Hydraulic Linear Actuator featuring a DC Motor, Hydraulic Pump, Valve and Cylinder all integrated into a compact unit.


Decades of experience and continuously improving technology provide KYB Cylinders unsurpassed reliability and durability.

Hydrostatic Transmission (HST)

The KYB HST provides an integrated pump and motor for closed circuit travel control. The KYB HST supports many small machine applications in agriculture, construction, and industrial.


The KYB Axial Piston motors offer high performance and efficiency with a reputation for reliability in a compact design.


Advanced technology and experience make KYB Pumps reliable, strong and efficient for industrial and mobile applications.


KYB valves provide for applications that require single function, multi-function, electro-hydraulic, and multi-component load-sense.